Venture Cultivation™ Programs

The Afribiz Foundation and Conceptualee Trust have developed holistic methodologies and frameworks (VentureLogic™ and Venture Cultivation™) for maturing seed, startup, and early growth ventures, creating a strong “root” systems  that will support their movement and strategic position in the marketplace successfully. The methodology focuses on both the “hard” and “soft” side of ventures, as well the strategic business process that drives the ventures and the functional processes that support them.

Our Venture Cultivation™ programs are divided into three stages – Venture Creation (idea to proof-of-concept), Venture Jumpstart (seed to start-up), and Venture Cultivation Launchpad (start-up, growth and existing firms). All three are suitable for emerging, seed, start-up, and existing firms. Instead of working through the phases to build a venture, existing firms work through the phases in an accelerated pace, closing gaps as well as refining or re-configuring the firms’ business models.

The programs including capacity building, group coaching, business ecosystem and partnership development assistance, access to vetted business and contract opportunities, tools, peer mentoring, access to resources and funding, etc. The programs are conducted online and face-to-face.

Venture Creation and Venture Jumpstart

Check out the Venture Cultivation program fact sheet, which covers Venture Creation (idea to proof-of-concept) and Venture Jumpstart (seed to start-up) stages.

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Venture Cultivation™ Launchpad

Check out the Venture Cultivation Launchpad (start-up, growth, and existing firms) fact sheet.

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