360 African Entrepreneurial Support


Afribiz works with local entrepreneurial ecosystems to provide a methodology, coaching, capacity building, and other support to entrepreneurs in Africa. We offer a comprehensive methodology that moves entrepreneurs from idea all the way to market launch, which has been lacking in the venture development services ecosystem.The quality, depth, breadth, and extent of the programs sets them apart from most programs in Africa, and around the world. One expert said “You are providing what large corporations use on product development and innovations systems, costing in the millions, to every person.”

We can confirm that after doing research on other entrepreneurial programs. We found that workshops (those with moderate prices) similar to ours go for between $2,000 to $5,000 and do not include ongoing coaching. If coaching was added to that, expect the price to double to between  We can deliver a face-to-face program, including 96  hours of capacity building/group coaching and entrepreneurial support, for as little as $800.00.

We can do this because we work with both local and international ecosystems to leverage capacity and resources, so that we can maintain development rates for entrepreneurs instead of market rates. We work the same way we urge entrepreneurs work – develop partnerships and collaborations to leverage the resources of others so you can build value. Because it is a collaboration between the entrepreneur, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and Afribiz we all share the responsibility, risks, and ultimately the rewards in seeing these ventures become successful and sustainable.

Still yet, some entrepreneurs cannot afford to pay even these dramatically lower rates, so we have set up the 360 Africa Entrepreneurial Support subscription to defray the cost to entrepreneurs even more. As we believe in building collaborations, we provide you access to online modules for Venture Creation phase of the program which empowers you to take your idea through proof-of-concept. Proof-of-concept is the gateway through which you need to pass to attract funders/investors, partners, and resources. As you receive benefit, you are ensuring an African entrepreneur receives benefit as well.

If you don’t have the need for our methodology, you can feel free to pass on your subscription to another person.

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