Afribiz Partnership Framework™

Partnerships can be “hard-side”or “soft-side” components, or a combination, to doing business successfully, domestically or globally. Afribiz sees partnerships as structured relationships, which can be formal, informal, or have a combination of informal and formal features. Partnerships result from individuals and/or organizations connecting and engaging for a specific purpose.

Partnerships have many benefits to individuals and organizations. First, partnerships can bring needed connections, credibility, stature, influence, etc. Second, partnerships allow enterprises and organization to add capability, capacity, and resources to their own. This can help organizations implement and execute existing strategies and operations more effectively and allow them to tap new opportunities and markets they could not reach on their own. The substance of organizational partnerships includes activities, actors, and resources specific to the partnership. The interaction of these elements leads to new value creation, providing a unique competitive space for partners involved that is difficult to imitate.

The full potential of partnerships is undeveloped in traditional approaches to developing and managing them. Most methodologies are focused on either the soft-side (relationship) or hard-side (contractual/legal) issues. The Afribiz Partnership Framework™ focus is different. We focus on developing and managing partnerships, which create unique competitive blueprints, and from them business opportunities, products, services, and markets can be created. The three components of our framework are:

  • Partnership Atom™ – the structure model for individual or small group of companies.
  • Partnership Ecosystem™ – the structure model for business ecosystem supporting the companies in a partnership atomic structure.
  • Partnership Pathing – the process for partnership engagement for either structure.