Afristratos™ Ecosystems

Afristratos™ is a strategy, structure, and methodology for leveraging partnerships via business ecosystems that drive new economic/business/investment opportunities. No business can maintain and grow on its own in the rapid pace, turbulence, and constant change prevalent in today’s business environment. Technology and service firms like Microsoft, IBM, and Apple have demonstrated a strategic advantage through developing their ecosystems. We likewise develop that strategic edge for a large number of stakeholders by creating an open, organic ecosystem focused on intra-Africa and Africa-global interactions. The following image is an example of an Afristratos™ Partnership(AP) Ecosystem.


Afristratos™ ecosystems work hand in hand with City-to-City Clusters™ and Afribiz Accelerators™. The combination of the three provides a comprehensive framework for executing business opportunities in Africa on a much larger scale, affording opportunities to small-to-large firms, institutions, and communities alike.