Tubu Development Trust

Tibesti, east of Bardai in Chad

The Tubu Development Trust is our first trust under our Indigenous Nation Development Partnership (INDP) program. The trust is set up to assist the Tubu in preserving their identity, culture, and freedom, as well as working towards their development and prosperity, particularly in their homeland of the Tibesti Mountains (this region spans Chad, Libya, and Niger).

The Tibesti Mountains region is rich in many natural resources – oil, gas, gold, diamonds, water, uranium, etc. – and in history and culture. One of the goals of the trust is to help the Tubu develop these resources, so they can continue to drive their destiny and that of their homeland.

The Tubu, or Teda, have inhabited the Tibesti Mountains region for over thirty centuries. At one time, their kingdom stretched into Egypt and Sudan. Also, a branch of the Tubu created the Kanem-Bornu kingdom that stretched even further south into Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon.

The language, Tedaga, of the Tubu is an ancient oral language. It has only recently been developed in written form. Today, there are fewer than one million Tubu in the entire world.

For a variety of reasons, the Tubu people are systematically being marginalized and underdeveloped in attempts to weaken their capacity to thrive. We hope that the trust is one of many initiatives that will empower them to continue to overcome and prosper fully in their destiny.

Featured image is of Tibesti, east of Bardai in Chad. Source: Wikimedia

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