Mapping, Developing, and Leveraging Value: Strengthening Your Venture

Workshop Overview

Ventures inherently carry, and create, a diverse set of value which can be further enhanced to develop and grow. However, value is a vague concept for most so entrepreneurs find it difficult to quantify and qualify value. Yet, the ability of ventures to recognize, augment, and combine sets of valuable assets to fulfill their missions is increasingly important where intangibles and non-monetary value become more accepted and strategic to success.

For ventures working on new ideas, projects, and opportunities, having this capacity is very important because often it is the exchange of non-monetary assets that entrepreneurs have to use to develop their idea, particularly in the early stages.

This workshop focuses on developing the capacity to map value, as well as plan for how to develop and leverage assets of all types that are both tangible and intangible. It can empower you to find new ways and relationships through which to find and acquire the resources you need for your venture.

This workshop is suitable for any level of role in an organization, as well as for individual entrepreneurs.

This workshop comes with a set of tools, including the Identity Map and Value Scorecard.


The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Understand the value system underlying business models.
  • Map individual value (assets).
  • Recognize aspects of value tied to the exchange or provision of value.
  • Recognize the relationship between capabilities, value, and value exchange.
  • Map team, or group, value (assets).
  • Map community value (assets).
  • Develop a value scorecard.
  • Develop a high-level plan to enhance and leverage value for your venture.


The following workshop(s) is a prerequisite for this workshop:

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