Idea Cultivation™ Cooperation: Cultivation Engine™ Pre-Program Ecosystem

The methodology created by Conceptualee Trust, our partner, is a holistic, lifecycle system address economic development and growth throughout communities and countries. It is not designed as a training and development coaching program, but an ecosystem designed to catalyze economic and social development.

It doesn’t succeed by us working alone, but in spreading the opportunity to cooperate with many organizations serving different communities and populations. The opportunity is designed for stakeholders to share in the responsibility and risk, but ultimately in the tangible (e.g., economic) and intangible rewards.

As such, an important part to spreading economic development is in the empowerment of people to lead and navigate their opportunities and development. Our Cultivation Engine™ programs are robust programs designed for those who already have some experience with business or management in the context of at least an SME organization. Others can also participate, but it requires they first complete our pre-program – Idea Cultivation™.

Overall, the pre-program prepares ventures and projects to also participate in our Co-Development platform which brings resources, funding, support, and partners to the ventures or projects. Those who help prepare such ventures and projects also share in the rewards as the projects and ventures further develop.

Idea Cultivation™ involves three workshops designed to empower people to go from the Idea stage to the Proof of Concept stage. The program is actually useful to anyone as it gives them a system for continual innovation that he or she can adapt and embed in their own context. The three workshops are:

  1. Mapping the DNA of an Idea: Visualizing a New Business, Social Venture, Product or Service (Two Days)
  2. Mapping, Developing, and Leveraging Value: Strengthening Your Venture (Three Days)
  3. Conceptualizing an Idea: Refining the Seed (Business Model) for Your Venture (Three Days)

If you are looking for ways to empower people and communities to thrive economically, we ask you to consider implementing this pre-program. Read the following letter for more details.

If you are interested, fill out the Program Collaboration Interest form and check our event schedule for “Idea Cultivation™ Pre-Program Cooperation Overview” on our Events page. The overview provides you the full context of what the pre-program is and involves.

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