Artisanal Miner and Community Development Program

The Artisanal Miner & Community Development (AMCD) program provides access to the world markets to artisanal mining communities, and others, in developing regions, particularly Africa. At the same time, AMCD focuses on empowering the local communities through a holistic socioeconomic development platform. Currently, the program operates for gold value chains. Other metals, gemstones, etc. will be added in the future.

This is our first program in our Asset Stewardship Development stream, which is designed to empower indigenous tribes and communities to control, develop, and leverage their natural resources.

AMCD will execute the following:

  • Provide an in-country platform in the capital city where artisanal miners and others can sell their gold, according to real-time market rates. The gold sold has access to the London Bullion Market. As the platform grows in-country, it can be established directly in artisanal mining areas. Traders no longer need to travel to Dubai, or other locations to sell gold.
  • Provide OECD compliant value chain, which results in a transparent and secure experience for value chain actors.
  • Work with local banks to provide artisanal miners with banking accounts, loans, and other needed financial services.
  • Work with artisanal miners to improve the conditions and productivity of their work.
  • Develop pools of capital to implement socioeconomic development projects in communities.
  • Partner with communities to implement socioeconomic development projects.

The AMCD works in several stages. The first stage is to create a stable cash flow stream for artisanal miners, as well as begin to engage with communities concerning their development. Subsequent stages integrate socioeconomic development projects that are broad-based and inclusive.

While this is a social endeavor, it is a business opportunity as well that expects to have good returns. So, the opportunity is open to businesses, non-profits, artisanal mining cooperatives, capital partners, etc. Any entity must demonstrate the following to initiate participation in the program (except capital partners).

  • Been in operation three years in the local gold value chain in some capacity with demonstrated good and ethical practices.
  • Have the necessary licenses and permits to operate in the local gold sector.
  • Have an export license for gold. (Preferred, not mandatory)
  • Provide 100kgs of gold a month for sale at minimum. Initially, the program can start with 30 kgs and build from there over 9 months.
  • A good portion of gold must come from artisanal mining communities and we must be able to directly engage with them through the partnership.

It may be difficult for one organization to meet all these criteria, so we encourage in-country groups to work together to participate in the program, even developing a consortium between artisanal miners, small-scale miners, and other organizations.

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you are ready to start the process, fill out the interest form.