Afribiz Announces Country and Indigenous Nation Partnerships

January 15, 2018, Charlotte, NC USA

The Afribiz Foundation (TAF) announces two programs to bring integrated development to Africa and Latin America. The Country and Institutional Development Partnership (CIDP) program focuses on implementing strategic projects that are inclusive and sustainable in emerging and frontier markets. The Indigenous Nation Development Partnership (INDP) program is similar, focuses specifically on

“As I remember the sacrifices of Martin Luther King so that others might do more than merely exist and have hope for the future, I remember that the work is only started. We remain committed to the development of Africa, and now, make a new commitment to Latin America,” says Lauri Elliott, Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation.

CIDP and INDP are structured based on two existing TAF programs – Inclusive, Integrated and Sustainable Prosperity Development (IISPD) and Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Energy for Small and Medium Enterprises and Projects (AIME-SMEP). Both these programs ensure that there is broad participation and impact among local populations from major projects, and that there is a sustainable model that provides long-term benefits to communities.

“We have a very unique way and opportunity to drive integrated development in our programs and platforms. After nearly 15 years focused on Africa, we have learned the pillars for catalyzing economic development in a very diverse, and challenging (at times), environment. We continue to uphold that people are the key to unlocking growth and prosperity,” states Elliott.

For further information on the programs, join a webinar on January 23, 2018 entitled, “Accelerating Development: Bringing the Future Forward in Developing Nations.”



Nwakego Eyisi
Director, Africa Region
The Afribiz Foundation

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