People-Philanthropic-Private-Public Partnerships Framework

There is a lot to be said for the use of public private partnerships in different sectors. However, there are several pieces missing to this equation – people (communities) and philanthropic (giving institutions). Any endeavor must include the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of all key stakeholders. Otherwise, the endeavor has blind spots that may not be easily overcome in the future.

The People-Philanthropic-Private-Public Partnerships (P5) Framework focuses first on the social side, which is the fabric of any project or initiative. We start with the people in the community, who are capacitized to drive their own development, and the philanthropic and social service infrastructure that supports the people. Once this foundation is firmly established, we add the public and private partnerships at the local, national, and international level who have the capacity and resources to partner in that development.

This approach embeds inclusivity in any project or initiative. It also, therefore, leverages the assets and relationships of these communities, as well as those of philanthropic organizations. It can also be applied to existing projects not using this framework as we simply work towards the same outcomes but in a different manner or order.

The foundation of this framework is the Stratos Development and Growth Engine™, which is rooted in human ecosystems.