Indigenous Nation Development Partnership Program

Every tribe and nation has an identity, purpose, and inheritance. In the modern world, indigenous tribes are being overrun unnecessarily for the pursuit of money, control, and power. Our mandate is to support these nations in their effort to restore and preserve their identities, purpose in a modern world, and inheritances.

The State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (2009) report highlights the realities of indigenous nations in today’s world. However, instead of relying on others to right the situation, we work with the nations to strengthen their capacity to engage with other stakeholders and leverage their resources for their benefit.

The first cornerstone is inclusive economic and social development, leveraging indigenous nation assets both tangible and intangible. We design custom programs to suit each nation by adapting and expanding upon our existing programs.

  • Country and Institutional Development Partnerships (CIDP)
  • Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Prosperity Development (IISPD)
  • Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Energy for Small and Medium-Size Enterprise and Projects (AIME-SMEP)

Along with inclusive economic and social development, we work with each nation to identify other unique paths to restore their identity, purpose in a modern world, and inheritance.

The following are the list of partnerships, or programs, that we have initiated: