Inclusive, Integrated, & Sustainable Prosperity Development Platform

The Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Prosperity Development (IISPD) framework is designed to provide the building blocks for prosperity in communities within a province or state. It does so by aligning inclusivity (of people), integration (of solutions), and sustainability (at all levels and in all spheres) at a village, neighborhood, or district level in several communities simultaneously.

Each IISPD portfolio is considered a launch pad to catalyze more inclusive development across the province by implementing successful, integrated projects a several communities that can be cascaded to many other communities. In this configuration, we work with the existing strengths of the local stakeholder ecosystem so as to augment or leverage what is already being done instead of duplicating or implementing non-complementary solutions. So, each IISPD portfolio will be similar in structure, framework, process, and components but will be uniquely designed for the local context. Full implementation takes three to five years, but social development starts immediately while physical and economic development can start within six months to a year.

Within each IISPD portfolio  there are cycles and levels of development from community engagement, energizing, education, and empowerment to implementation of the full IISPD portfolio to replication to other communities by the IISPD communities and local stakeholders. These levels of development are also scaled so as to link smaller steps, or modular units, together to create the whole.

An IISPD portfolio project starts with local community leadership that has a heart for and serves people. This leadership is responsible for casting the vision, planting purpose in the hearts of the community, leading by example, organizing the local community to work on and make decisions about its future. It is also tied to a manor economic venture lead by a private entrepreneur/developer or as a public private partnership.

We build capacity, if needed, in these communities to work together to map community assets, identify community needs, collect data for their IISPD portfolio, (which is used as input for the development of the projects), and build whatever part of the IISPD solutions they have capacity to do or can be trained to do.

Each IISPD portfolio synergizes the strengths, resources, and assets of the local ecosystem, including each community, and outside ecosystems like the Carolinas Africa and South Africa Clusters. These ecosystems include a variety of stakeholder groups, including government, academic/research institutions, NGOs, civil society, trade associations, international organizations, and the private sector.

The integration within IISPD portfolios incorporates economic opportunities, physical infrastructure, and social infrastructure. Economic opportunities look for what will help drive the real economy across a province like manufacturing, agriculture, and/or small scale/artisanal mining.

Physical infrastructure includes all basic services areas (up to a district level), including single and multi-family dwellings, schools, health centers, industrial zones, and local roads. Social infrastructure includes education, health, housing, entertainment/arts/culture, SMME development and support, workforce and skills development, etc.

Undergirding all of this is the social, spiritual, and collaboration architecture that makes it work. These programs are not about doing transactions, but in being in relationships that support and help every stakeholder prosper and grow. This is the glue, or bond, that will stimulate inclusion, integration, and sustainability for prosperity.

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