Afribiz Announces Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Development Program for Prosperity (Press Release)

April 22, 2017
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

As the major multilateral and regional development banks meet today at the Global Infrastructure Forum 2017 in Washington, DC with the theme,”Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure,” The Afribiz Foundation announces the Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Prosperity Development (IISPD) program, which incorporates economic, social, digital, and physical infrastructure development.

“The vision is simple – creating places for people to live in purpose, passion, peace, and prosperity,” says Lauri Elliott, Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation. “The mandate is to cover every province in Africa, which means close to 700 portfolios of integrated community and infrastructure development.”

IISPD is designed from bottom-up and ecosystem frameworks, transcending and transforming the normal challenges of projects. IISPD is able to link and synergize activities from the household, community, district, city, and province together with a launch pad of integrated projects, which can be used for further development in the province. Each provincial portfolio is then synergized with other provincial portfolios within the country, creating a transformative matrix that supports inclusive and sustainable development.

“It isn’t if the world hasn’t already been charged to do this, but organizations have been looking at the wrong seat of power and will to get things done. The power comes from the people themselves. They may not have the capital, resources, or capacity, but we can partner with them to increase their own base and bring other capital, resources, capacity, collaboration, and coordination where needed,” says Elliott.

Each IISPD portfolio represents a minimum of $1 billion in project and investment opportunity tied to the real economy, meaning there are major centers of economic activity involved that drive the portfolio, including mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. This provides economic sustainability of the communities and the investments that people and organizations make in them.

The first IISPD provincial portfolio has been underway since September 2016. New IISPD portfolios are being formed now. The current portfolios come from Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

For further information and dialogue, join us on June 1 via webinar for “Delivering Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Community and Infrastructure Development for Prosperity at Scale in Africa.”



Nwakego Eyisi
Director, Africa Region
The Afribiz Foundation

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