Afribiz Announces Co-Development and Funding Platform for Early Stage Projects and Ventures (Press Release)

August 21, 2017, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The Afribiz Foundation (TAF) opens the Africa Seed Trust Early Stage Venture/Project Co-Development Platform (ESVPCP) for projects and ventures in all 54 countries of Africa. The platform is built on a venture lifecycle platform called Cultivation Engine™, which supports projects and ventures from idea to start-up and from growth to maturity.

“We have worked tirelessly the last four years to develop a platform that would address the major gaps in project and venture development. You won’t find a more complete or comprehensive system around,” says Lauri Elliott, Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the platform, TAF is able to not only provide training and coaching in the early stages, but resources, funding, and support to projects and ventures. “We are able to minimize the gaps funders and stakeholders find in business logic and plans for ventures we support. We also provide a wealth of information on projects over time to project stakeholders to eliminate asymmetric information and reduce gaps in meeting the needs of projects so that they can continue on a development path,’ states Elliott, “Our system is designed with bankability, growth, and sustainability in mind.”

ESVPCP accepts projects and ventures in many sectors and those that need a minimum of $1,000,000 to fully implement as a start-up or for next phase of growth. Projects with funding requirements below $1,000,000 and over $100,000 can be pooled with other projects. Projects and ventures are accepted every month and there is no window close.

ESVPCP is a new member of TAF co-development and funding platforms, which also include Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Energy for Small and Medium Enterprises and Projects (AIME-SMEP) and Inclusive, Integrated, and Sustainable Prosperity Development (IISPD).

For further information about ESVPCP or to submit a project or venture for consideration, click here.



Nwakego Eyisi
Director, Africa Region
The Afribiz Foundation

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