US-Africa Project Delegations 2015

Afribiz regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of Congo are continually developing projects to provide opportunities for companies, particularly those in the US and throughout Africa. Our strategic focus are the manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and finance/investment sectors. Companies – small, medium, and middle market firms – can directly plug into these opportunities through Afribiz liaisons located in various cities around the world.

We provide regular briefings to the public on the active and upcoming projects with which we are working with dozens of strategic partners. The briefings are your first opportunity to see and learn what projects might match your company’s objectives in Africa and learn how Afribiz can plug you directly into projects on the Continent instead of you having to figure out how to do business on your own. Our approach, in general, is more cost-effective and sustainable, particularly for firms new to Africa. We also share how companies should prepare and strategize for entering the African market. Following is a list of upcoming briefings.

Charlotte Africa Business Week 2015 – September 28 to October 2, Charlotte, NC USA

The briefings are then followed up with project delegations* which bring companies together directly with the projects they have the opportunity to work on.  Companies meet the key stakeholders during a week of  intense engagement. The project delegations are held at different locations on the continent of Africa. The following are the project delegations currently scheduled.

West Africa Project Delegation – Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, October 2015

Southern Africa Project Delegation – South Africa, Zambia, and Mozambique, October 2015

East Africa Project Delegation – Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, November 2015

Central Africa Project Delegation – Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Gabon, November 2015

North Africa Project Delegation – Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia,  February 2016

*You do not need to attend a briefing before participating in one of the project delegations, but it is highly recommended.