Ramping Up to Venturing: Developing a Lean, Sustainable Business Model

Ramping Up to Venturing is an on-demand webinar we offer to anyone interested in starting their entrepreneurial journey. It is a 10.5-hour on-demand webinar designed to assist those with ideas, particularly entrepreneurs and start-ups, transform their ideas and opportunities into cohesive, sustainable models whether for business, social, or other focuses. It’s designed to accelerate your process of business modeling iterations to move to the next level of your venture’s development.

This workshop/webinar also provides participants with a proven Executive Summary format that has connected projects with people who have funded those projects.  It will give you everything you need to know about preparing the Executive Summary and more.

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The sessions for Ramping Up to Venturing are:

  1. Introduction and Business Context
  2. Entrepreneurial Organization
  3. Entrepreneurial Leadership
  4. Venture Development: Individuals and Teams
  5. Venture Development: Organization and Venture
  6. Business Model Generation
  7. Documenting Your Business Model: Concept Document and Executive Summary


Next Step

This webinar is a part of the Venture Creation Workshop (VCW), which is packed with more than 48 hours of useful, practical content. VCW is designed to provide language, tools and knowledge to move you into your first capital. VCW walks you through the entire seed stage of development, preparing you for resources, partners, and capital.  VCW is accompanied by both an online and offline toolkit.  The workshop is offered live online and face-to-face. There is an on-demand option also.

The cost of the Venture Creation Workshop (on-demand version), if you take the Ramping Up to Venturing first, is only $750 (without taking the Ramping Up to Venturing, VCW is $1,000), representing a 25% discount.