Afribiz Establishes a Strategic Partnership with University of North Carolina Charlotte (Press Release)

Friday, April 17, 2015, Charlotte, NC USA

Afribiz announces a strategic partnership with the Charlotte Research Institute at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC). The partnership provides Afribiz with an extensive regional and international ecosystem to support its economic development interventions focused in Charlotte and Africa.

“We are pleased the Charlotte Research Institute has welcomed us into their family as a Business Partner. Our informal relationship with different parts of the University has been a key ingredient to our success to date. We are very excited to have this relationship formalized and look forward to building a greater economic future for Charlotte and Africa,“ says Lauri Elliott, Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation.

Afribiz will move its US headquarters to UNCC’s business partnership building, PORTAL, in May 2015. Being a part of the community will enable Afribiz to synergize efforts in its ecosystem. Afribiz will open the Charlotte Africa Business, Investment, and Trade (CABIT) Hub in September 2015, which will be inaugurated at the Charlotte Africa Business Week 2015 the last week of September.

CABIT and Afribiz will provide research, technical, strategy, and partnership assistance to US firms, non-profits, and government agencies which need a greater reach and assistance in navigating and implementing in Africa. These US units will be paired with Afribiz’s regional hubs in Africa – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, DR Congo/Cameroon, and Morocco – to provide the needed support.

The US Afribiz  units will also support the efforts of the Africa regional hubs to assist governments and companies in Africa with US ecosystems, partnerships, technical support, project/venture development, funding, trade and investment missions to the US, etc. The Afribiz Foundation is establishing a separate member organization that will support its African members with strategy, partnership and alliance development, and resourcing services through US and European ecosystems using Afribiz’s unique ecosystem and relationships.


For further information contact:

Hannah Lacombe
Chief Attache to Executive Office

About The Afribiz Foundation

The Afribiz Foundation (TAF) serves as a lead catalyst of people-centric economic ecosystems. It is a member of the Afribiz family of entities, which represent an ecosystem economy, including Afribiz Group, Inc., Afribiz Ventures, Afribiz Trust, Afribiz Accelerators, Afribiz Trading, and Afribiz Intellimedia.