Afribiz Announces the Formation of Afribiz Accelerator and FREE Business Model Webinar for African Entrepreneurs (Press Release)

March 4, 2015, Sandton, South Africa

Afribiz Accelerator will be a network of “lifecycle” accelerators that support entrepreneurs, start-up, and SMEs across the African continent. The first locations are slated for South Africa, Democratic Republic Congo, Nigeria, and Kenya to be opened in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

The announcement comes shortly after The Afribiz Foundation began its first online cohort for its Venture Acceleration Bootcamp this past February. “We are very excited about this program because we have waited a long while to build a robust, comprehensive model that fill in some of the critical gaps in entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa,” says Lauri Elliott. “There are a lot of great incubators and accelerators already but they are more or less targeted in a very defined niche, we want to take an ecosystem approach and see how we can leverage ecosystems to support ventures from idea to seed to start-up to growth.”

The programs that will be made available through Afribiz Accelerators to start include two programs – Venture Acceleration Bootcamp and Venture Cultivation Launchpad. The bootcamp targets entrepreneurs from the idea to seed stage. It consists of two components – Venture Creation Workshop and Venture Jumpstart. The Venture Cultivation Launchpad targets the seed to growth stages of ventures.

Afribiz Accelerator also has a strong inclusive component, extending its reach and services throughout each country through certified facilitators and coaches who carve out their own territory. “Through our facilitators we will be able to empower communities in both urban and rural areas with entrepreneurial training, but also help them identify economic opportunities and help them find the right partners and resources to realize these opportunities,” says Elliott.

To inaugurate the launch of the Venture Acceleration Bootcamp, Afribiz is offering a FREE webinar series, “Ramping Up to Venturing: Developing a Lean, Sustainable Business Model.” It is a 10.5-hour, on-demand webinar designed to assist those with ideas, particularly entrepreneurs and start-ups, so they can transform their ideas and opportunities into cohesive, sustainable models whether for business, social, or other focuses. It’s designed to accelerate the process of business modeling iterations.

This workshop/webinar also provides participants with a proven Executive Summary format that has connected projects with people who have funded those projects.  It will give you everything you need to know about preparing the Executive Summary and more.

The sessions for Ramping Up to Venturing are:

  • Introduction and Business Context
  • Entrepreneurial Organization
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Venture Development: Individuals and Teams
  • Venture Development: Organization and Venture
  • Business Model Generation
  • Documenting Your Business Model: Concept Document and Executive Summary

This webinar is a part of the Venture Creation Workshop (VCW), which is packed with more than 48 hours of useful, practical content. The Venture Creation Workshop is designed to provide language, tools, and knowledge to move you into your first capital. VCW walks you through the entire seed stage of development, preparing you for first capital, resources, and partnering.  The VCW workshop is accompanied by both an online and offline toolkit.  VCW is a live face-to-face or online workshop, but there is also an on-demand option.

The Venture Jumpstart program follows VCW and serves as an incubator preparing ventures to attract additional partners, resources, and capital for the seed stage. Founders can then enter the Venture Cultivation Launchpad, which is a three-year program designed to help ventures develop the organization, its people, and business model in a comprehensive, but fluid manner, set against a master design plan that is adapted for each venture.

For further information about Afribiz Accelerator, click here.

For further information on the Venture creation and development programs, click here.


For further information contact:

Millie Rasekoala
Vice President, Enterprise Development &
Southern African Regional Head


Brian S’ingora
Vice President, Operations &
East Africa Regional Head

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