Afribiz Announces Free Project Preparation Workshop for African Project Developers and Institutions (Press Release)

June 22, 2015, Charlotte, NC USA

In several reports in the last few years, including one by the Infrastructure Consortium of Africa, it is noted that gap in project implementation in Africa has not been finance for bankable projects but in project preparation, or development of bankable projects. In response, programs by the African Development Bank, government agencies, and many others were developed to address this but by and large these programs are not easily accessible to the vast majority of project developers in Africa. There is no platform that is open to everyone. Today, Afribiz has turned the page in this arena with new online project preparation support, starting with a free online project preparation seminar for African developers and institutions.

“We have great pleasure in announcing free access to part of our Developing and Structuring Bankable Projects in Africa workshop as an on-demand seminar entitled, ‘Understanding Project Preparation: An Introduction to Project Development’,” says Lauri Elliott, Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation. “This adds to our ongoing rollout out to support start-ups and new projects on the Continent and is a great way for people to begin to draw on the resources, capital, and partners in our ecosystem.”

Understanding Project Preparation: Introduction to Project Development provides numerable strategies and tactics, as well as knowledge sets, about how to drive projects to bankability so that they attract resources, capital, and partners. It will enable project developers, and other key stakeholders, to manage the process more effectively and possibly accelerate the process. The seminar series consists of 13 1.5 hour sessions covering the following topics:

  1. Introduction and Key Components of Projects
  2. Content and Contextual Factors (Part 1)
  3. Content and Contextual Factors (Part 2)
  4. Project Development Process and Project Definition
  5. Developing and Managing Projects: Idea through Concept
  6. Developing and Managing Projects: Concept through Prefeasibility
  7. Developing and Managing Projects: Prefeasibility through Feasibility
  8. Key Stakeholders
  9. Leveraging Networks and Value Chains
  10. Developing Project Ecosystems
  11. Developing Partnerships
  12. Developing and Managing Projects: Feasibility to Funding
  13. Initial Data Gathering and Contextual Analysis

The Developing and Structuring Bankable Projects in Africa workshop is also offered as live online and face-to-face workshops. This is followed up with an incubation program to provide hands-on assistance to key stakeholders to mature the project and connect the project with resources, capital, and partners.

This free resource demonstrates The Afribiz Foundation’s (TAF’s) commitment to increase the capacity and support for African developers, and other key stakeholders, working on or supporting projects from small to medium-size projects across industrial, infrastructure, and public service sectors. TAF also continually researches and develops new tools and knowledge sets to this end, as well as offer its own methodologies, expertise, strategies, and tools that are used by the Afribiz family of companies for the enhancement of the overall project development community in Africa.

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