AIME for Small and Medium Enterprises

SMMEs are the lifeblood of African economies. The Afribiz Foundation  (TAF) wants to amplify their impact on driving  inclusive growth. TAF provides a “master” initiative through which small and medium enterprise participation and  opportunities in the real sector will be developed. Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, & Energy Small and Medium Enterprises and Projects (AIME-SMEP) uses an integrated approach to drive inclusive growth.  SMMEs are defined as those under 250 employees. Projects are defined as those that require no more than $300 million to  implement and provide broad-based benefit.

The approach is to identify and develop strategic projects that integrate objectives for agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, SMME, and community development sectors. Thereby, synergizing efforts to meet cross-sector objectives and catalyzing inclusive growth.

The projects will be driven by private sector developers, but aligned with meeting objectives of key stakeholders including government, community, and business. Projects are developed according to a common methodology and infrastructure so that resource and funding utilization is optimized.

TAF will provide the portfolio/project management office and staff to run the initiative . Project facilitators will guide projects through the project development cycle, as well as complete pre-feasibility studies with technical experts. The PMO will coordinate resources, knowledge, and stakeholder relationships for AIME-SMEP.

TAF will also develop and facilitate  stakeholder ecosystems to bring resources, partnerships, and fund to AIME-SMEP and projects.

Submit your project now for consideration for co-development and funding.

Check out the AIME-SMEP fact sheet.