Afribiz Economic Opportunities Fellowship

Afribiz Economic Opportunities (AEO) Fellowship is a two-year full-time, paid fellowship, which raises up a small cadre of economic opportunity fellows in each African country. These fellows will assist local stakeholders in implementing economic development projects that will create bankable ventures and projects that drive inclusive economic development in every sub-region in a country.

The economic development projects will cover all sixteen areas of economic activity, according to NAICS, but focus on inclusive and sustainable development .

Fellows serve in the country of their residence in Africa. For example, a person must be a resident of Togo in order to serve in Togo.

The fellowship consists of three major phases:

  • Capacity building and coaching (three months) – remote, online engagement for certification to carry out field activities. This is the onboarding period for fellowship candidates. Those that get certified become full-time fellows for the first year and depending on individual development will continue on to the second year.
  • Field experience (18 months)
  • Knowledge transfer, dissemination, and concept development (six months)

At the end, in addition to the knowledge, experience, and exposure offered, fellows will be provided seed capital for a for-profit, inclusive economic venture or project (if the project meets or exceeds requirements and fellow has successfully completed fellowship).

Basic requirements:

  • Four-year undergraduate degree in an area related to economic development, business, finance, trade, investment, etc.
  • A minimum of five years working in economic development, business, finance, or related field
  • Fluent in English (writing and speaking), as well as in the official business language of the country (e.g, French, Portuguese, Spanish) in which you reside and will serve.
  • Passage of a detailed background check

We will accept 3,000 people into the fellowship over a 10-year period. The next cohort of fellows will begin January 2018. Complete submittals received by August 31, 2017 will be considered for this cohort.

To submit your application, you will need to do the following online (submit at same time):

  • Complete online interest form for fellow.
  • Upload color image of your passport to interest form.
  • Upload a five-page concept document for a for-profit, inclusive economic venture or project to interest form. You can get all the outline, tools, background, and knowledge to help you do this by working through the Ramping Up to Venturing on-demand seminar.