Project Development Support for African Developers

Afribiz is leveraging its partnership ecosystems to scale the number of projects in infrastructure, industrial, and public service sectors that are matured, prepared, and developed, then put into investment /funding pipelines. Each project is placed through VentureLogic™ project development process, which provides a disciplined, rigorous development path, methodology, and system aligned with innovative and best practices and requirements of key stakeholders.

African developers can begin immediately to ramp up for FREE with Understanding Project Preparation, which provides a detailed structure and understanding of the project development process with the aim of developing bankable projects that can be funded.

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Venture Development Support for African Entrepreneurs

Afribiz is leveraging its partnership ecosystems to see more ventures and enterprises develop and mature into sustainable businesses. The center of this effort is the Venture Cultivation methodology which supports ventures to move from the stage of idea to concept to seed to start-up and finally growth. As ventures and enterprises mature through this path, Afribiz brings resources, capital, partnerships, etc. to ventures either of its own or through partners.

This ecosystem is housed in Afribiz Accelerators, and their extended network, which are being rolled out in each African country. Learn more.

African entrepreneur's can begin immediately by working through the Ramping Up to Venturing path, which moves ventures from the idea through concept stages.